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Glue down wood floors?!  Yes!!

A floor for the rest of us!

Why, Glue down wood floors?    Cost,  height considerations, simplicity, Do-it-yourself, environmental sensitivity to glues,  are all reasons that come to mind.  

View our GLUE DOWN floors

A durable Douglas fir floor is  a great price.  This is for a really nice, waste free, Mountain High Grade floor. 

MHG contains a high percentage of Vertical Grain, at least 80% Heart Wood, only good knots, carefully end chopped and bundled.   A fine floor.

No plywood to buy. No nails.  No drum sander to mess with! 

Height:  Not only do you save on the thickness of the floor, but conventional installations need a minimum of ¾” of plywood underlayment which  of course adds at least  $1.75 to $2.50 per sq. ft. to buy and install.

DIY:  Really, glue down is easy. The floor comes all chopped out and very straight. All you need to do to start is clean your surface well, measure well, start gluing.  Putty any cracks, sand and oil and seal or oil and wax.

Chemical Sensitivity:  A simple glue like Bostik’s Best or any good sub-floor adhesive will work well.   These glues do outgas, but I am told that this is a fairly quick ‘event’ and that within  a week they are completely cured. Ditto Bona Kemi’s  Eon 70, the lowest VOC, rapid cure product on the market.

Douglas Fir:  One of the most durable, stand alone species in the world.

Vertical Grain Douglas Fir floors frequently last 100 plus years.  Hence our motto, The Hundred Year Floor.    Doug Fir’s extremely low co-efficient of expansion makes it particularly suited to glue down applications.  Even water doesn’t much make it move.    Ask about our torture tests in our shop!

Glue Down!!?? Can you do that?

How many ‘Experts’ have told you that you just cannot glue down a ‘real’ wood floor to concrete?  If you are like me, you have asked, and you may have even had your intelligence insulted!

Without sounding like a snake-oil salesman, let me say that I have looked at it long and hard, and Yes! You can have a fantastic, real wood floor with excellent wear characteristics, great looks and the expectation of decades of service.  Our ‘regular’ business in conventional ¾”, nail-down flooring is prospering nicely and I wouldn’t develop this product if I didn’t believe it could work well.

I have been doing my homework for the past few years now:  We  have several installations  going on two years old. One, a residence near Solano Beach California must be working fine because the customer has not said a word! That was several thousand square feet, over two years ago.

Another success story, is a conference room at a church of nearly 2000 people in Santa Fe NM.  This floor is pictured in our current limited photos.  It is really, really good looking.  It is holding up like new under daily use with swivel chairs, kids playing video games and general daily use.  We will be installing another 900 square feet in the foyer/entrance area within days of this writing.    Believe me, I wouldn’t hold myself up to ridicule at my home church if I wasn’t sure this was going to work! 

Who is Old Wood LLC?   We have been making custom Douglas Fir floors for about seven years as of 2006.   The Old Family comes from the Viveash Ranch which suffered a catastrophic fire in 2000 which burned over 1700 acres of densely forested land on our place and went on to burn nearly 40,000 acres in total.   We are a Certified Tree farm as well as National Wood Floor Association ( NWFA ) members.   We look for effective, practical and beautiful applications for the material God has provided us with and our commitment to sane, effective forestry as a trade, tool and provider of livelihood sis ‘who we are’.       We pay above average wages, bonuses and our crew are important to us as people as well as craftsmen and women. Our new plant in Las Vegas NM is a work in progress and we continually plow any profit back into training, bonuses and technology.   We have recently completed a major upgrade to allow us to better use the wood we have and to process smaller logs which were heretofore unprofitable.  

Old Wood LLC aims to be the  Most Bang for the Buck in the quality flooring business and we feel this Glue Down floor is a market making product in that respect!

Old Wood LLC
425 DeeBibb Industrial Drive, Las Vegas New Mexico 87701
phone number: (888) 545-9663. (505) 454-6007. Fax (505) 454-6008


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